Standout Star!

Well my readers, I have told you so much about the life of a female dancer so now I think it’s time to bring in an example. Katie Gossen is a beautiful eighteen year old dancer major at Chapman University, and she is one of my closest friends. She loves dancing with a passion but she has also had her struggles in her dance career.

Katie started dancing when she was three years old and has not stopped since. Like many, Katie’s mother is the one who first got her involved in dancing, but unlike a lot of those “dance moms” out there Katie’s mom stayed far away from the studio and all the drama. This really influenced how Katie viewed dancing because she had no pressure to continue against her own will. She simply continued because she knew it was what she was born to do. Katie has had her struggles and ailments that have held her back but has been strong to work through them.

Being concerned about her weight, Katie feels like she can’t fully dance to her maximum capability. She has been dealing with this problem since her freshman year in high school and she has been struggling with it since then. Knowing Katie, I see her as a beautiful, energetic, humorous, self-confident young woman. I personally love the way she looks and like I said in my last post, dancers come in many different shapes and sizes and the dance world needs them all! Though if Katie is unhappy with her own image she has a right to alter how she looks because that is her choice.

Katie will continue dancing through college and eventually become a professional. I can’t wait to see her excel and grow throughout the years in both her dancing and self-awareness. She is a perfect example of how much a dancer is supposed to love dancing in order to be successful at it. It takes strength, smarts, and strategy… Katie Gossen has them all.


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