Where Performing Stops and Family Begins

We all have to make decisions in our lives. Some may be simple and some incredibly difficult. For a professional dancer the decision to continue dancing during that prime age when you’re on top or to slow down and start a family can be extremely difficult. We have to accept the fact that if we stop dancing let’s say at age 26 to start having kids that our bodies will never be the same again and if we wanted to come back to dance then we would have to train our bodies all over again to get back into shape, and that’s only after one pregnancy. Dancers who want more than one kid have to repeat the process over and over again.

Even though I am still pretty young and don’t plan on having kids anytime soon, it’s something that I need to keep on the back burner. Of course my life will fall out the way it is supposed to, but it’s going to be a hard decision to have to stop dancing. Many of my dance teachers growing up didn’t even have kids until their late thirties because they were still performing. I don’t know if I can wait that long because I have always wanted a big family just like the one I grew up in so I would probably have to start popping out the babes pretty early. Oh well I will cross that bridge when the time comes! For now I will dance on! Hopefully I will not be so consumed with my dancing so I can at least find a husband first.

Alright here comes the sad news. Dancers and choreographers have a 43% divorce rate (http://www.newser.com/story/101851/the-10-jobs-with-the-highest-divorce-rates.html) . Dancers are such individualistic people that most of the time they get divorced because they are off with their company touring or dancing  constantly, and the all the other dancers just don’t get married in the first place because they can’t find someone or don’t have time to find someone who is willing to live and support this lifestyle.

So dancers, if you find the right guy willing to stay with you through the prime of your dance career he is a keeper. That relationship is worth moving onto the next step in your life, still as an individual, but in a partnership. Dancer’s bodies usually don’t last in the professional world past their early forties anyways so it’s always good to have a plan on what your next step in life will be.


2 thoughts on “Where Performing Stops and Family Begins

  1. Wow! I keep forgetting how demanding professional dancing is. Although professional dancing is a rewarding profession, I can see how stressful it can be. Not only do you have a demanding schedule on a daily basis, but it makes it difficult for anybody you love to keep up with you. In addition, how tedious it would be to get pregnant and have to prepare our body all over again. For this reason, the professional dancing world can be a very depressing career path to take. Although a person may have a passion for dancing, our bodies have the potential to work against us. This would frustrate me.

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