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I just happen to stumble upon this blog post written by healthylivesforwomen titled Confidence. It talks about how to better improve your self-confidence and how to be truly healthy you have to have confidence within yourself. It’s really easy for women to get self conscious because of all the factors and standards that we have to live up to each and every day, but just because everyone else is saying degrading things to you, or behind your back, doesn’t mean you should let them get to you to the point where you start believing what they are saying. This post from healthylivesforwomen is so relevant to dancers because, as I have said before, to survive as a professional you need to be your own biggest fan because you will have so many more failures than you will have chances at succeeding.

Dancer’s confidence levels need to be through the roof! We already have enough people surrounding us trying to pull us down by saying that we aren’t good enough because it is such a competitive intense career path to choose. In the Confidence blog post there were 63 ways to build self –confidence included. If women looked at these and thought about them constantly throughout the day then they wouldn’t have time to get down on themselves.

I encourage all you dancers out there to make your own kind of confidence building list that pertains to you and your dance career. You can say things like I am a very strong dancer, or my flexibility has improved greatly. This won’t just improve your confidence but it will also make you a better dancer by knowing your strengths and working on your weaknesses. Love yourself and that will show your self-confidence to others and in return they will love you.


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