The Choices We Make

So I may not be the best writer or blogger in the world but I have done my best over these last couple of months to really try out maintaining my own BLOG! Since my blog obviously pertains to women dancers I decided to really try and connect and draw in that particular audience by posting stuff that we are interested in.

A few weeks ago I changed the theme of my background of my blog from a design with really bright colors and extravagant shapes to the simple dark elegant background that I have currently. I felt that my blog had matured as I kept making posts so that when readers go to my blog that is what they first see, simple elegant maturity. This blog isn’t silly, though I do joke around sometimes; I really want the messages to get through to my readers. I want you all to think critically about the advice and facts that I am telling you so that you may apply it to your own lives.

As you may notice, I write my posts with a very communicative tone. I want all those reading to feel welcomed in rather than just peeking in from the outside window. It’s very important that my readers feel like I am addressing each and every one of you all individually. Though I only have about five followers right now (sad day) I want to do my best to try and connect to you all.

It’s been pretty difficult maintaining a blog and figuring out posts to try and keep you all interested. I have tried making my titles eye catching so that maybe you might just be interested in reading further. I have also included a couple of pictures and videos because I, like most dancers, am a very visual person. I like to be able to see and relate something for myself so it helps when I have those certain cues.

Women dancers are so used to fighting against each other in competition that we forget that we are all fighting the same battles. I started out this blog just to entertain young women dancers but I have developed my purpose rather into connecting us all together with common thoughts and views on different topics. This is a place where dancers can forget about the catty completion and just express themselves.


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