Gaining Some Support and Followers

This has been a tough journey trying to please as many people as I can through my blogging. I have tried my best to be as open and friendly with my writing style as possible so that it welcomes more people in, but I see that it is not always successful.

I never thought blogging was a huge deal because I never really knew anyone who had a blog. This has been a really great disadvantage towards me because I could not start out with atleast a small following of just my friends. I had to start from scratch, not knowing anything about blogging, completely blind.

I decided to try and start small and choose the specific group of dancing females that I could really connect to first. I knew that it would be easier for me to relate to all of them because being a dancer myself a lot of us have some of the same thoughts and ideas. We are very visual people so I wanted to make my blog as visually appealing as possible without going over the top.

I don’t think I have really connected to a large group of people yet but I do have some followers and that is a great start. I just need to build from here.


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